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Fast, easy scheduling: Call or Walk in

At Swope Health, part of our mission is the delivery of accessible, convenient, quality healthcare.

That means making sure we are conveniently located throughout the metro area. It also means making sure you can schedule an appointment easily. As a reminder, we encourage you to call for an appointment for medical or behavioral healthcare but we also welcome walk-ins.Josette Mitchell

“We want to see you at Swope Health,” said Josette Mitchell, Chief Operations Officer. “The fastest way to get care is with an appointment but if you come in without one, we will help you get an appointment as soon as possible.”

To make an appointment at any Swope Health location, call 816-923-5800.


What to expect if you walk-in

When there are open slots on the schedule, you may be able to be seen in a clinic without an appointment. You could be offered an open appointment, which could be on the same day.

If the day’s schedule is full, you may be asked to schedule for the next available opening. Or, if someone else reschedules an appointment, we may be able to call and get you in sooner.

And some healthcare needs can be addressed quickly in a walk-in visit.

“In any case, we are here for you,” Mitchell said. “We promise to help you get the care you need as quickly as possible.”

Summing up

The best option for seeing your healthcare team is through an appointment. Make your appointment by calling 816-923-5800.

You also are welcome to walk in and see if there are any open appointments. If there are not, we’ll help you get scheduled.

<Swope Health is also working on a new way to schedule through the Swope Health





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