Swope Health

New Patients

First visit

While payment is expected at the time of service, all patients who come to Swope Health will be seen, regardless of their ability to pay, and billed accordingly. 

For your first visit to Swope Health, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment, and bring your:

Additional Accepted Identification Documents


When you register, you will also give consent for your care and make arrangements to pay for services. Our providers may not treat you without your consent of the consent of a legal guardian.

Important Information about Payments, Discounts, and Identification Documents

Paying for healthcare can be a challenge, especially if you do not have insurance. For that reason, Swope Health participates in a number of programs that might help you pay for the care you receive at our clinics. If you’re interested in being considered for such a program, there are certain documents (see lists below) needed to see if you qualify for assistance. Please bring them to your first appointment.

Acceptable Proof of Income Documents

Acceptable Proof of Address Documents

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