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Swope Health Foundation

The Swope Health Foundation was formed in 1985 to support the operations of Swope Health.

Swope Health’s leadership at the time stated the purpose: “to promote, assist, finance, endow and encourage gifts, bequests and endowments to carry out the objectives of the health center.”

The original assets of the Swope Health Foundation were approximately $400,000. The assets increased significantly when Swope Community Enterprises dissolved and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of FirstGuard Insurance were directed to the Swope Health Foundation.

At the end of 2023, assets are just over $41 million.  Each year, the governing board of the Foundation approves an annual grant to Swope Health, pursuant to a written spending policy, to support uncompensated care for the uninsured.  The Swope Health Foundation board also serves  to protect the assets of the Foundation for the long-term so that it might exist in perpetuity to benefit Swope Health patients.

The Swope Health Foundation also leads major fundraising campaigns solely for the benefit of Swope Health programs.  Recent campaigns have included the PACE KC Adult Wellness Center capital campaign, the Kansas City Kansas Community Education, Health and Wellness Center capital campaign, and a campaign to open the Swope Health KidsCARE Excelsior Springs Clinic.

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