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Celebrating Women – All Women, All Aspects of Health

March is designated as a month to honor and celebrate women.

It is the month for learning about Women’s History, especially those contributions overlooked or undervalued by male historians.  Organizations including the Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service and the Smithsonian Institution jointly name March as Women’s History month.

Swope Health also sees the month of March as a great time to support women, and help all women reach the best health possible. Our approach is in service to the whole woman – all ages, all aspects of health.

“We are committed to providing the care that women need as a whole person,” said Dr. Naiomi Jamal, Chief Health Officer at Swope Health. “That is, recognizing women in their entire personhood with special needs and interests, including but not limited to reproductive health. We know that women are so often responsible for the care of others that they might not pay attention to their own needs. We invite all women to take time for themselves and their own care.”

Swope Health’s providers will listen to you and help you listen to your own body. Your body sends signals when it is in need, undergoing changes, or responding to the external environment – and understanding those signals is a key to achieving your best possible health.

Whole-Person Care in Action

Swope Health caregivers routinely ask each patient about your personal situation: Are you living in a safe place? Do you worry about having enough food? Do you feel depressed, lonely or dissatisfied with your life? These questions recognize that life situations can be challenging, and there are ways we can provide help.  It might take the form of support from our Behavioral Health department, with therapy, counseling or medical support.  Or it might be help with housing, transportation, food and insurance.

For women with children, the support might include diapers, car seats, help with breastfeeding or education about nutrition and childcare. We understand your situation, like your body, is unique and our care focuses on you.prenatal and postnatal servicves

At Swope Health Clinics we provide care for women in all stages of their life: adolescence, adulthood and senior years.  Services provided are:

  • Pregnancy testing, with walk-in options, no appointment needed
  • Prenatal and postpartum care
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Comprehensive family planning services
  • Preventive education and treatment for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Preventive services including Mammograms, Colon cancer screening, chronic disease screening and treatment
  • Cervical cancer screening and pap smears
  • Overall health assessment and management


Care for Today and Tomorrow

Our providers start a care plan based on your current state – your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other basic measurements of your body’s activities. We are attuned to the common issues facing women and help look out for ways to prevent disease and illness.


These preventive steps might include coaching sessions with a highly skilled certified dietitian who can help you with cost-effective meal planning and show you ways to prepare meals for you and your family. Other steps might include our programs for managing diabetes or high blood pressure or help with ways to stop smoking and get more exercise. Your care team can help you understand specific information about your personal situation – for example, if you are at risk for heart disease, the No. 1 cause of death in women, you will learn about the different symptoms of heart attack in men and women.


Your care team can help with vision and dental services, too. We frequently help patients coordinate schedules to allow for dental, vision, adult, pediatric, or behavioral health care appointments in the same day.


Addressing busy schedules

Swope Health has launched a service that provides text reminders of personal health needs. When you sign up with Swope Health, you can choose to get these convenient reminders about due dates for vaccinations, screening tests, check-ins for chronic health visits, kids check-up dates, and behavioral health appointments.

All of this is to say to women: We are here for you. We are ready to listen. We will support and empower you to make your own health a priority.

Start with a call – make an appointment for a visit today: 816-923-5800.





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