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Celebrating Excellence: Swope Health Associate Awards

Laura Frisbee

Laura Frisbee, Swope Health Patient Access Awardee

Laura serves as Dental’s lead CSR at Swope Health Central and goes above and beyond in taking on new initiatives. When a scheduling system was piloted for a year, which created an entirely new template for our dentists, she championed its implementation and dove in to ensure that the program is fully and properly used. Without being asked, Laura trained the call center on its use and continues to orient others to the system to ensure that dentists are scheduled correctly. She consistently helps guide patients through their dental appointments and is often complimented on her coordination and professionalism at the front desk. Likewise, we are grateful for her expertise, skill, dedication and contributions.

Congratulations, Laura!

Delana Pickens

Delana Pickens, Swope Health Patient Experience Awardee

Recently, a Nurse Care Manager from one of our community partners described how Delana, who serves as a CSR in Independence, went above and beyond to assist in taking care of a patient. Delana was commended for ensuring that requests made on behalf of the patient, who deals with multiple physical challenges, were addressed—even speaking with a nurse to be certain that the patient’s needs were met. It speaks volumes that our community partner wanted to be sure that Delana was recognized by management and by all of Swope Health.

Beyond the external acknowledgment, Delana is described by her peers as one who goes above and beyond consistently. She demonstrates a desire to make the patients feel that they are her top priority. She calls patients to get questions before their appointments, and patients themselves have commented how much they appreciate that she takes the time to confirm that their information is correct. Because of her diligence, wait times are decreased. Delana communicates thoughtfully, follows up with patients as promised, and provides helpful information to patients about what to expect.

Congratulations, Delana!

Rush Patel (left) with Angela Smart, who assisted Jeron Ravin with handing out the awards.

Rush Patel, Swope Health Support Awardee

Rush Patel stepped up during the last year to work on several non-traditional federal/state/county funding sources for Swope Health. As an accounting supervisor, he is an experienced, compliance-focused associate who works with diligence and attention to details.  Rush is responsive to inquiries and responds with thorough analysis and research, while also being customer-oriented and approachable. In order to get work done, Rush often stays late, beyond routine business hours. Due to his work ethic, Swope Health has not missed a reporting deadline for any of the grants that he manages.

Congratulations, Rush!

Angela Smart (left), and award winner Leticia Shelton (right).

Leticia Shelton, Clinical Support Awardee

Leticia has served as a nurse at Swope Health for several years. Over the past two years, in the absence of a clinic manager in adult medicine, she has taken on a lead nurse role and has made herself available to the care team, managers, patients, and support services, including compliance, HR, and IT, to help bridge the gap between clinical service delivery and administrative tasks.

Leticia’s providers and care team have often said that they wouldn’t know what to do without her. Still, she remains open to feedback and is genuinely committed to making care visible at Swope Health – particularly, within the Adult Medicine Clinic.

Congratulations, Leticia!

Dr. Khiara Drew

Dr. Khiara Drew, Dental Provider of the Year

In the past three years that  Dr. Drew has been with Swope Health, she has grown in her knowledge, investment, and engagement in community health, as well as in her leadership. She serves as Dental Clinic Director of Swope Health Wyandotte, and is consistently among the highest of all dental providers in producing and customer satisfaction scores. Additionally, due to her influence, her team has developed a very cohesive rapport and positive culture. Dr. Drew is very invested in KCK/the Wyandotte community, and watching her growth in her role and dedication to the community has been particularly satisfying to observe.

Congratulations, Dr. Drew!

Please note: During the ceremony, Dr. Drew’s name was unintentionally missed during the formal remarks. Click here to see President and CEO Jeron Ravin, JD, present her award.

Sonia Kalia

Sonia Kalia, Behavioral Health Provider of the Year

Sonia serves as a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Behavioral Health and brings the unique experience of having served in primary care before transitioning to Swope Health’s Behavioral Health division. She’s the first associate to model the movement of practitioners between divisions, and her expertise in primary care, coupled with her experience in behavioral health care, enables her to provide whole person care to Swope Health’s patients.

Sonia is forward thinking and inventive. When she was still a student, her capstone project centered on providing an app to patients that allowed them to more easily share their medication information with providers. She used her capstone project to enhance and modernize a similarly-themed Shark Tank project at Swope Health, and the program was implemented. This is one of the many ways that Sonia uses her experience and exposure to improve operations and the patient experience at our health center.

Congratulations, Sonia!

Taylor Walker, P.A.

Taylor Walker, Medical Provider of the Year

Taylor currently serves at our Northland Clinic. During her time at Swope Health, her dedication to providing quality patient care has always been on display. Feedback from community partners, most recently at Maple Woods, is that she is a provider who goes above and beyond for her patients and the community. Since moving to the Northland, Taylor’s – and by consequence, the clinic’s – quality numbers have shown significant improvement. She also garners exemplary patient experience scores and is always in pursuit of making care visible.

Congratulations, Taylor!

Tamika Reliford

Tamika Reliford, Volunteer of the Year

Tamika has represented Swope Health at many community events throughout the years. She is known for being positive, and for greeting people with a big smile. Not only does she make care visible in her day-to-day encounters as a Community Outreach Specialist, and as a volunteer, but Tamika recently represented Swope Health before a national audience, as one of the associates featured in our article about Medicaid unwinding in the New York Times.

Congratulations, Tamika!

Robert Kenemer, Outreach and Intake Case Manager, and Alina Gargesh, Outreach Case Manager, accepting on the program’s behalf.

Outreach Program, Clinic of the Year

Despite being adversely impacted by COVID-19 over the past year, the program has increased their numbers and provided care to more patients this year. The outreach clinic has also accommodated overflow from adult medicine and continued to provide care to an extremely vulnerable patient population. They’ve gone out in community and worked with multiple partners to increase access and improve health outcomes. The team is always open to trying new and innovative approaches to patient care and integrates well across Behavioral Health and medical service lines.

Congratulations, Outreach Clinic!

*Includes Medical and Behavioral Health Services



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