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One on One with Swope Health: Lewis Diuguid

Swope Health announces a new edition of its podcast, One on One with Swope Health, featuring Lewis Diuguid, former columnist and reporter for The Kansas City Star. Diuguid is a lecturer, writer, multimedia consultant, and certified diversity facilitator. He is the author, most recently, of Our Fathers Making Black Men, a story of his father and lessons from his life.

Eric Wesson, managing editor and publisher of The Call, hosts the show’s conversations with Kansas Citians about issues of importance to the community’s health and wellbeing.

Lewis is a native of St. Louis and a former member of the editorial board of The Kansas City Star. He shares his insights about St. Louis (“a bigger version of Kansas City with big city problems, a little worse, with more infighting among African-Americans”). He shares stories of his upbringing (in a laboratory) and how his “infection with the bug of journalism” was prompted by a high school teacher.

Diuguid was recently featured in Black Men Speak, a publication of Our Health Matters. In his conversation with Eric, he calls for Black men to talk more about their health and pay more attention to nutrition.

He describes his own “forced march” into gardening and growing vegetables as well as the later appreciation of the harvest, including cooking vegetables he’s grown. He offers two cooking suggestions: back off the salt, don’t cook vegetables to mush – keep some crunch.

The One on One conversation also delves into large issues of local and international scope – including the unequal system of education, the lack of public school funding, and the failure of schools to demand excellence from students.  He discusses his trips to Cuba and shares some of his experiences, explaining Cuba’s “culture of we,” compared to America’s “culture of me.” It was in the Cuban media that he learned of the United Nations’ designation of the International Decade of People of African Descent, designed to call attention to issues of racism, police abuse and brutality, civil rights struggles and injustices worldwide.

Listen to the full conversation:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1V7hrfo2KH87WWb5LM21ym

YouTube: https://youtu.be/y0PVZrknH8k

AnchorFM: https://anchor.fm/swopehealth/episodes/One-on-One-with-Lewis-Diuguid-e1vn6qq




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