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Men, the month of June is all about YOU

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health proclaims June as Men’s Health Month, a time to encourage boys and men to take charge of their health.

Why a special focus on men? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the data on men’s health shows opportunity for improvement:

  • 2 percent of men age 18 and older are in fair or poor health,
  • 5 percent of men age 20 and over have obesity,
  • 9 percent of men age 20 and over have hypertension, measured high blood pressure or are taking medicine for high blood pressure,
  • And 23.3 percent of men age 18 and older meet the federal physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity,



Swope Health stands ready to help boys and men take stock of your personal health status and work with you to improve your overall health.


“Let’s start with a physical checkup,” said Dr. Naiomi Jamal, Chief Health Officer. “We hear from men all the time that they just don’t think about their own health needs, or they don’t have time to come in for a check-up. We can make it easy for you, with options for check-ups at any of our eight primary care locations across the region.”


A physical check-up will give you an understanding your current vital signs and health status, and help you make plans and decisions for improving your health.  A check-up can also include preventive screenings, such as colorectal cancer screening, which is recommended for everyone age 45 and older. The idea is help catch small problems before they become health issues.


“Your Swope Health care team will support you in a great variety of ways,” she said. “It might include prescription medication or vaccinations, or ways to stop smoking, get more exercise, focus on better foods, or even tips for reducing stress and anxiety. We call this whole-person care, and it means there are many ways we can support you.”


For example, Swope Health focuses on caring for high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease, which is No. 1 cause of death for men. Other major risk factors are diabetes, obesity and being overweight, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity.

Managing high blood pressure might include taking steps like these:

  • Getting regular blood pressure checks
  • Getting tested for diabetes
  • Prescribing medication for control of high blood pressure
  • Encouraging quitting smoking and limiting use of alcohol
  • Consulting with dietitian about healthy foods, meal planning, recipes and even shopping tips
  • Offering therapy or counseling for depression, substance abuse, anxiety, or stress reduction.


Additionally, Swope Health can help with transportation to our clinics and access to other resources and services, from help with Medicaid or the health insurance marketplace to food giveaways and introductions to our network of partner organizations.

Men, it’s your time

In time for Father’s Day, why not act now to schedule a physical check-up? Make it one thing that you do for yourself. And once you make your appointment, encourage your friends to do the same. Consider it your investment in a healthier tomorrow for you, your family and friends.

Family members, you can help!

Please encourage the men in your life to take care of themselves. Use Men’s Health Month as a way to talk with the men in your life about living the heathiest life possible. And be willing to help them with building new habits for healthier outcomes – those habits can help the whole family!

Call Swope Health at 816-923-5800 to schedule an appointment today.





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