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A Second Chance – A Welcome Diversion

Recently, a small group of nine Kansas City residents got together on a virtual meeting with Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker, Rev. John Miles of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church and representatives of Swope Health. The occasion was a celebration, marking the first graduating class to successfully complete a new counseling program. As […]

Simple and Healthy: A New Thanksgiving Tradition

The holidays are just around the corner and, for many of us, it’s a season that tempts us with special treats – cookies, egg nog, pies, candy canes! It doesn’t have to be a season that brings weight gain, however, if you start with a plan. Priscilla Perez Schmid, Swope Health’s Clinical Registered Dietitian, suggests […]

Be Safe This Thanksgiving

With more than 1 million COVID-19 cases reported in the U.S. in early November and local numbers setting new records daily, the Thanksgiving Holiday this week calls for more preparation than usual. This year, the focus must be on precautions to celebrate safely. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the safest way to […]

Swope Health CEO Appointed to National Task Force Addressing Racism

Jeron Ravin, JD, President and CEO of Swope Health, was recently appointed to the newly formed National Association of Community Health Center’s (NACHC) Task Force on Addressing Racism. Task force members are charged with transforming NACHC into an anti-racist, multicultural organization and developing actionable strategies to lead the health center movement and the country in […]

Tradition in a Spooky Season

Traditions are important. Merriam-Webster defines traditions as “the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction.” In other words, traditions are what we gift the generations to come. In the middle of this pandemic it may be difficult to find a […]

It’s Safe Sleep Awareness Month

October is Safe Sleep Awareness Month, a month that is designated to promote healthy sleeping habits for newborns and raise awareness about sleep-related risks to infants. “At Swope Health, we provide safe sleep education with every parent enrolled in the Healthy Start program, every day – not just in October,” said Ahkeya Howard, Lead Community […]

Time for Your Flu Shot – Don’t Delay!

  Flu shots are now available at all Swope Health locations. You are invited (and encouraged) to come in for your vaccine, which is especially important during the current coronavirus pandemic. “We are very concerned about the upcoming flu season, combined with COVID-19,” said Dr. Jennifer Frost, interim Chief Medical Officer at Swope Health. “We […]