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Children's Outpatient Services

Children’s Counseling and Therapy

Swope Health Children’s Outpatient Therapy services offer compassionate, whole-person care. We work to alleviate barriers to treatment and provide individualized therapy services tailored to meet you where you are on your journey. Therapy services are provided for children, adolescents, teens and families, both in person and virtually.


Play therapy

Specific toys are used to assist children with expressing how they feel through play. Therapeutic play encourages free expression for a child.

Play Therapy helps children learn how to express themselves in a healthy manner, develop self-esteem, problem-solving and coping skills.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Uses techniques such as drumming, tapping, drawing, sand, and the child’s imagination to assist the child with sorting through thoughts that cause anxious feelings, trouble concentrating or sleeping, or nightmares. These techniques help children develop positive feelings about themselves, increasing self-confidence and ability.

Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy

Includes techniques that teach children how to identify their emotions, ways to relax, and coping skills in order to help them start to understand how their thoughts and feelings affect how they react in different situations. It also teaches parents how to assist their children with understanding their feelings and how to cope in different situations.


Addresses behavioral, emotional, and developmental concerns while improving the parent-child relationship through play and healthy interaction.

Adolescent substance use disorder program

A 12-week program that provides services for children 12-17:

Youth suicide prevention services

Our Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator provides early intervention and prevention services to strengthen protective factors and reduce risk factors, promoting wellness and recovery in adolescents and teens. Provide training and outreach within the community on the signs and ways to prevent suicide and related behaviors.
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