Residential Services

The Residential Program at Swope Health helps adults diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness learn and practice the necessary life skills needed to live independently and manage symptoms of their illness. We have several locations that offer varying degrees of service and care.  Our staff passionately work to model and provide support in areas to include but are not limited to:

Cooking, Eating, Nutrition

·      Healthcare Maintenance

·      Assistance with medications

·      Home management and safety

·      Financial management

·      Education and support for conflict resolution and coping skills

·      Community engagementSave

·      Social skills

Additionally, the program seeks to connect residents with other community programs that will support them in reaching their goals.

Residents are placed and transitioned through the program based on their needs, abilities, and level of functioning.  As Residents begin to gain more skills, they have the opportunity to transition into settings that will allow them to live more independently. Swope Health’s Residential program follows the guidelines set forth by The Department of Mental Health.

For more information about the program, contact JeTaun Jones, Residential Qualified Mental Health Professional, by phone at 816-599-5266 or by email at

Behavioral Health