Learn More about Swope Health KidsCARE
at Emmanuel Family & Child Development Center

Emmanuel Family & Child Development Center and Swope Health would like to offer every Emmanuel family access to healthcare services.  Please help us understand the health care needs of your child by completing this survey.  All information you provide is confidential between Swope Health KidsCARE and your school program. Your information will not be shared with anyone else.

Thank you!

Medical and Dental Care

Does your child receive routine medical care including Check-ups and Immunizations?
Do you have a regular doctor or clinic to provide medical care for your child?
Does your child receive routine dental care including dental check-ups every 6 months?
Do you have a regular dentist or dental clinic for your child?

Health Insurance Coverage

Do you have enough medical or dental insurance for your child or family?
WIC is also available here at Emmanuel. Would you use our KidsCARE Clinic at Emmanuel for your Child?

KidsCARE Clinic at Emmanuel Family and Child Development Center

If you would like to receive services for your child at the KidsCARE clinic at Emmanuel, what services would you like to obtain?
Would you like more information about our KidsCARE program at Emmanuel?