Please note:  If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.



We care: Visit us for physicals, minor procedures, immunizations and support for managing chronic diseases.

We are your Healthcare Home, giving you a team of support and resources for chronic care.

We offer care throughout the city with our mobile medical unit and provider outreach services to the homeless community.

Optometry, laboratory work, X-rays, ultrasound and mammograms, and pharmacy services are also offered.



Start healthy, stay healthy!

Dental services start with preventive care, and include oral health education, X-rays, cleaning, sealing, fillings, extractions, crowns and dentures.

Featuring walk-in for care for dental emergencies and advance scheduling, too.

Behavioral Health

Adult Behavioral Health

Taking care of yourself is the first step to good health. We’re here to help you work through emotional and behavioral challenges and learn new skills — coping, managing, thriving.

Here you can find a Healthcare Home, a team of support and resources including psychiatric care, substance abuse counseling, opioid treatment and Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation programs.

The Imani House supports those in recovery from substance abuse.

Children’s Services

Children's Services

Grow healthy!

Start with well-baby care and stay through immunizations, school physicals, and teen care. We’re here for all your child’s healthcare needs.

Dental care should start with the first tooth! We focus on oral education and building good habits.

Behavioral Health for Children helps kids learn skills to adapt and grow, with psychiatric care and support programs designed for developing minds.

Women’s Services

Women's Health

You are the most important part of your family. It all starts with taking care of yourself, from pregnancy test to childbirth, with well-woman care for every stage of your life.

Healthy Start helps Moms-to-be take good care of their babies, and WIC provides supplemental services for women, infants and children.

Support Services

Support Services

We’re here to support you with transportation and to help you find affordable health care.

Our care counselors can align resources for whatever challenges you may face.

Our health care services are available to all, with fees based on your ability to pay. See Patient Resources for details.