Please note:  If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

Medical Care


Think of Swope Health as your home for a variety of healthcare services. Swope Health’s services include physicals, minor procedures, immunizations and support for managing chronic diseases.

Our team is available at locations across Kansas City to provide support and resources, plus we have a mobile medical unit, telemedicine, and provider outreach services for the homeless community available throughout town. Optometry, laboratory work, X-rays, ultrasound and mammograms, and pharmacy services are also offered.

Dental Clinic


Your dental health is important to your overall health. Looking for a dental clinic, walk-in dentist or kid’s dentist? Swope Health’s dental services include preventive care, oral health education, x-rays, cleaning, sealing, fillings, extractions (walk-in tooth extractions), crowns and dentures.

Swope Health offers low-cost and free dental care for adults and children.

Walk-in dentist appointments are available at our emergency dental clinic. Appointments also can be scheduled in advance for our dental clinic.

Behavioral Health

Adult Behavioral Health

Mental health care is key to your good physical health. Swope Health’s team of professionals is here to help you deal with a variety of emotional and behavioral challenges. Learning new behavioral health skills, like coping and managing can make a big difference for those who want to thrive in life.

Turn to Swope Health’s mental health care for support and resources in psychiatric care, substance abuse counseling, opioid treatment and Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation programs.

The Imani House supports those 18 and older in recovery from substance abuse.

Children’s Services

Children's Services

Swope Health’s kids’ healthcare services include medical, dental and behavioral. Our patients range from newborns to teens. From well-baby care and immunizations to school physicals and the occasional illness, it’s nice to know you can have one place to call for all your child’s health needs.

Dental care should start as soon as that first tooth arrives. Along with dental check-ups and cleanings, our children’s dental service providers focus on oral education and building good habits that last a lifetime.

Behavioral health helps kids learn skills to adapt and grow. Our psychiatric care and support programs are designed for developing minds.

Women’s Healthcare

Women's Health

As a woman, you’re the heart of your family, and you have to take great care of yourself first so you can take care of others. Swope Health provides care for women through all stages of your life, from a first-time OB/GYN appointment and annual check-ups through childbirth and menopause.

For women, disease prevention is our number one goal. But even early detection and treatment can increase your chances for living a long, healthy, active life.

Are you a mom-to-be? Take advantage of Healthy Start. This program teaches new moms how to take the best care of their babies, and WIC provides supplemental services for women, infants and children.

Transportation & Financial Help

Support Services

Not having transportation to and from medical appointments and not being able to afford care are two of the top reasons that keep people from getting the essential healthcare they need. Swope Health can help.

We have care counselors on staff who can help you arrange free or low-cost transportation, as well as help you find affordable or free health care. You can count on them to give you resources for whatever challenges you face.

Swope Health’s services are available to everyone. Fees are based on your ability to pay. See Patient Resources for details.