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Have you ever wanted to tell somebody about your experience at Swope Health? We invite you to tell us.

It is easy to do so – from every page of the Swope Health website, at the very top, you’ll find a button labeled “Provide Feedback.”

When you click that button, you’ll see a Patient Feedback Form ready for your input.

Link to Provide Feedback

The Swope Health website invites your feedback from every page. See the “Provide Feedback” button at the top of each page.


Swope Health Feedback Form Sample

When you click on “Provide Feedback,” you’ll see a simple form.


“We really care about providing great care,” said Sabrina Holliman, Compliance Officer for Swope Health. “We run a robust risk management program to identify any shortcomings and work on them. We work on anything that can improve processes for quality care and patient satisfaction – so we need to hear from our patients.”

We Take Feedback Seriously

Swope Health takes seriously all feedback from patients. When you submit a form, a risk manager reviews and works to substantiate it. This impartial investigation might entail looking at records, policies, procedures and interviewing participants and the relevant department managers.

“We get in touch with each patient to let them know we are working on their form,” she said. “We look objectively at every item and work to address it.”

The team reviews feedback openly at a monthly compliance meeting, and raises some items to senior management and the Swope Health Board of Directors. At the end of the process, Sabrina said the team sends a letter to the patient to let them know their voice was heard.

“We’ve implemented a vast number of improvements resulting from patient feedback,” she said.  These items include changes to standard operating procedures and policies and new training programs in customer care and satisfaction.

The web-based form replaces the former method of seeking input, which required patients to ask for a paper form and fill it out. Sabrina said this change should give patients a sense of comfort and privacy.

“When patients feel their voice is heard, they know we care and they will be more inclined to come here,” she said. “We hope this amplifies the voices of our patients.”

She added:  “We want to be a friend, counselor and advocate to our patients. We want to be your provider of choice.”

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