Update on COVID-19 Vaccinations

Starting Monday, Feb. 22, Swope Health is offering the COVID-19 vaccination at a new location, 4401 Blue Parkway, Kansas City.

The vaccine will be available – by appointment only – to Swope Health patients and Missouri residents who meet state vaccination guidelines.

This Swope Health vaccination center is in The Shops on Blue Parkway near Swope Health Central. The center will be open 9 am to noon and 1-4 pm Monday through Friday.

“This facility, provided by Community Builders of Kansas City, allows us to provide vaccinations for more people in a safe and open space,” said Jennifer Frost, M.D., acting Chief Medical Officer at Swope Health. “Our goal is to provide up to 400 vaccinations a day – that’s double our capacity at Swope Health Central.”

If you are interested in an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Swope Health patients and Missouri residents – Fill out our Vaccination Interest Form. If you have any difficulty, you can call our help desk at (816) 321-3398. Swope Health will call you to schedule an appointment, based on state guidelines and availability of the vaccine.
  • Missouri resident (not a Swope Health patient) – Fill out the Missouri Vaccine Navigator. (More information at com.)
  • Swope Health patient and Kansas resident – Swope Health is also offering the COVID-19 vaccine to Swope Health patients who meet state guidelines at our Swope Health Wyandotte clinic, by appointment only. Please call (816) 599-5112 to schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination at Swope Health Wyandotte.
  • Kansas resident (not a Swope Health patient) – Fill out a health department Vaccination Interest Form.  (The form is also available in Spanish.) If you need assistance filling out the form, call 311.

Swope Health is also supporting the Unified Government Health Department with its vaccination program at 7836 State Ave., Kansas City, Kansas, 66112. Every Thursday, Swope Health providers and clinical staff are assisting with distributing vaccinations to eligible individuals by appointment and in accordance with state guidelines at the Wyandotte County center, a former Kmart facility.

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