Tips for Healthy Eating in 2018

Ozella Jones

Nutritionist Ozella Jones offers three tips for starting off the New Year. “If you can do these three things,” she said, “you can be more healthy.”

Another new year is upon us. If your New Year’s resolution includes improving your health or diet or managing your weight, SHS Nutritionist Ozella Jones has three simple tips for you:

  1. Limit sweets and fatty foods.

“Start with sensible changes,” says Ozella. “Put desserts on your ‘limited’ list.”

It can be overwhelming to take on big changes all at once, so she recommends making small changes you can sustain over time. Once a new behavior becomes part of your routine, then add the next change.

  1. Think smaller.

“Just decrease your portion size,” she said. Instead of double helpings, limit yourself. And instead of your normal servings of food, trim down the amount you put on your plate.

“This can be an easy way to start making changes to your diet,” she said. “Be aware of how much you put on your plate.”

  1. Exercise for 30 minutes—and make it enjoyable!

“It’s OK to start out just twice a week or three times a week with some exercises,” she said. It could be taking a walk, or taking the stairs instead of an elevator, or even dancing.

“There’s nothing wrong with gradually working up to 30 minutes a day of activity,” she said. “The key is to make sure it’s something you enjoy doing.”

If you’re having fun, she notes, you’re more likely to keep up the habit and start seeing benefits.

Ozella meets regularly with patients in one-to-one meetings as well as in SHS programs. Any SHS patient can meet with Ozella for guidance, education and support with healthy eating and nutrition. Providers will frequently refer patients with nutrition or cooking questions to Ozella.

Ozella is a fan of simple healthy recipes, and offers a handful of suggestions. These recipes come from “A Change of Heart – Steps to Healthy Eating.”

A Change of Heart

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