Location: Swope Health Services – Behavioral Development

Patients should know…

I will share my theoretical foundational approach when it comes to providing patient care, which is based on a collaborative-practice approach and a person-centered approach.

A collaborative-practice approach is where I will utilize my collaborator for guidance when needed. A person-centered approach will support the person and will be based on recovery that is guided by the patient themselves.

The person-centered approach can be hard to balance with evidence-based guided care. Current psychiatric practice is one that is guided by evidence-based care, but with person-centered care each patient has experiences in their lives that may affect the approach to the treatment we may choose, and this may be conflicting with current evidence. This approach may not always be easy and I may have to integrate and adapt my approach, but I hope this will help with building rapport and a lasting relationship with my patients.

I want to be the type of nurse practitioner who focuses on the person. I will base my care on their needs and what the meanings to their issues are to them.


BSN from William Jewell College; MSN from UMKC. Specialty in Psychiatry.


Joined SHS in July 2016. Prior experience working in private practice and nursing homes.

Background and passions

Hometown is Independence, MO. I enjoy Spending time with my children and watching their sporting events as well as spending time fishing.