New Temporary Entrance! Part of Swope Health Central Building Renovations

Starting Monday, Nov. 16, when you come to Swope Health Central, you will see a new temporary entrance at the C Building. We’re moving the entrance while we renovate the A Building vestibule, which will be part of a larger new lobby development project.

Swope Health associates will greet patients at the new temporary entrance at the C Building. All patients will still need to wear a mask, maintain physical distance, have their temperature checked and answer screening questions to enter Swope Health Central. Patients who require additional screening for COVID-19 will be directed the COVID-19 clinic.

This temporary entrance will be in place through the end of the year. During this time, we will expand the size of the A Building vestibule to provide for separate entrance and exit areas. The new vestibule will also give us improved climate control in the lobby.

You may see other areas of construction around the facility as well. Here’s a summary of what you can expect in coming weeks and months.

  • Adult Health Clinic – Located on the first floor of Building A, we have begun expanding the lobby by removing the hallway wall. This newly opened lobby will allow for better physical distancing and provide additional space for the clinic registration area. This development should be complete by late November.
  • New Pharmacy – We’ve begun renovating the former registration space off the Building A lobby as the new home for our Pharmacy department. This renovation will include the addition of a drive-through lane for increased convenience as well as a private consultation space for discussions with the pharmacy associates about your medications. (The Swope Health Optical Shop and Optometry Clinic will move to the former Pharmacy space in a later phase of renovation.) Parking spaces near the A building will not be available during construction.
  • A Building vestibule – This main entrance renovation will provide for separate entrance and exit areas. The new vestibule will also give us improved climate control in the lobby.
  • New Lobby – This project will take several months and will produce a brighter and more welcoming entrance to Swope Health.
  • Radiology Ultrasound Suite – Located on the first floor of Building A, this is a designated Ultrasound Suite constructed inside our Radiology department. New ultrasound equipment will soon be installed.
  • Dental Treatment Rooms – Dental treatment rooms have been reconfigured to allow for improved handling of X-Rays, making visits more efficient for our patients.
  • Public Restrooms Building B – Our Second Floor restroom renovations are complete and now feature improved lighting, bright new tile and fixtures, and conveniently positioned infant changing stations.

There are additional construction projects underway in administrative and back-office areas of Swope Health Central, as well as updates at Swope Health Wyandotte and Swope Health Independence.

All of these improvements are designed to address the new requirements brought by COVID-19 and to improve your experience when visiting. In everything we do, you have the Swope Health Promise: We Make Care Visible.

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