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Through the growing demands of an aging population, a shrinking workforce, and the ongoing effects of COVID-19, the United States is facing a shortage of nurses. Many health organizations, including Swope Health, have multiple job opportunities in the nursing field.

Nurses who are employed by community health centers like Swope Health, however, may receive funding toward payment of their qualifying education loans through the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program. To be eligible, you must be in a patient-facing nursing role with an organization that works with the medically underserved.

The Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program helps address the needs of patient populations facing health inequities, while supporting the development of the nursing workforce. It is not available to nurses who are employed in the private industry. The program can be a tremendous benefit for people with large qualifying education loans.

In exchange for the payment of these loans, the program works this way:

  • Registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses serve a two-year service commitment at a health care facility facing a critical shortage of nurses, like Swope Health.
  • Nurse faculty serve a two-year service commitment at an eligible school of nursing.
  • Additional loan repayment is available for both groups with a third year of service commitment.

Get more details about the program at The 2022 application deadline is January 13.

This opportunity is another reason why Swope Health is a great place for nurses – so check out our careers page and apply soon to receive all the benefits you can! 

You’ll find openings for many fulfilling, people-focused healthcare jobs, both full time and part time. We offer generous paid days off, health benefits, 401K and sign-on bonuses.

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