Stay Healthy! Here’s How You Can Stay In Touch with Swope Health

Swope Health : COVID-19 Lobby Screening

Swope Health associates greet and screen all patients arriving at the facility. Hand sanitizer and wipes are offered to everyone.

As you know, all of Kansas City is expected to keep a six-foot distance from others to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At Swope Health, you’ll find we are using new ways to stay in touch with you, taking the place of in-person healthcare visits.

If you have a regularly scheduled appointment, like a well-exam or routine check-in, you will likely receive a phone call offering to reschedule or make an appointment for a phone or video visit. If you are healthy, there’s no reason for you to visit Swope Health.

Swope Health can offer telephone visits where the patient can have a brief conversation with a provider to determine if the patient needs to be seen in the clinic or if the provider can treat them over the phone. This can be done for many health issues, but not all.  Patients can call 816-923-5800 and ask to schedule a phone visit with a provider.

Dr. Jennifer Frost

Dr. Jennifer Frost

“We’re doing this for the safety of our patients and the community,” said Dr. Jennifer Frost, Swope Health interim Chief Medical Officer. “We’re doing this to save lives.”

Scheduling a Phone or Video Visit

If you are interested in scheduling a phone or video visit, call us at 816-923-5800. Your case managers, medical providers, therapists and psychiatric staff are all offering phone visits, and in some cases, with appropriate technology, video visits. If you are interested in video visits, you’ll need to use the Swope Health Patient Portal. If you need help getting set up or forgot your password, call 816-923-5800.

Swope Health Patient PortalDownload the Swope Health patient portal app

If you come to Swope Health, you will see some changes:

  • Everyone entering the building will be screened. Only patients are permitted to enter, and only if they have a scheduled appointment. Walk-ins are taken on a case-by-case basis.
  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be put in a separate area, to prevent infecting others.
  • The building is under continuous cleaning. You’ll find hand sanitizer available throughout the building.
  • We are still scheduling clinic visits when it is medically necessary and safe for both patients and clinic staff.

Have questions? Call us at 816-923-5800 rather than dropping by. We have nurses and providers available to help answer medical questions and offer guidance on the best way to get the care you need about staying healthy and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

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