SHS Continues a Tradition of Giving This Holiday Season

Adopt A Family

In 2015, members of the SHS administrative team provided a holiday feast and gifts for a member of the community. Every year, the accounting department “adopts” two families and provides food and gifts for the holiday.

Upstairs in the Administrative area at Swope Health Services, you’ll usually find the accounting staff busy with the general ledger entries and accounts payable and similar tasks.

Except at this time of year.

Every December, for the last 26 years, Greg Adams turns his attention to taking care of others. Greg becomes an organizer and ringleader for SHS staff to provide clothing, toys and food for at least two families in need.

The recipient families are identified by the SHS Outreach Department. The case workers provide Greg with a list of items that would be helpful for the families.

Then Greg – Director of Accounting – creates a spreadsheet to track each item. He also rallies his co-workers who sign up to either purchase an item or contribute cash toward buying the necessary items, which always includes a holiday dinner of turkey with all the trimmings.

The spreadsheet tracks commitments and makes it easy to verify that this team effort fulfills the request list to help these families have a better holiday.

“It’s been a family tradition of ours since 1981,” Greg said, noting it began with his father, Paul, delivering gift baskets and care packages through City Union Mission. When Greg joined SHS in 1991, he brought the tradition to his office.

At SHS, the families who receive the gifts are always invited to come to the Administrative offices to meet with the SHS donors, usually members of the administrative, IT and finance teams. Greg welcomes donations from any associates and hopes to see the program expand to more departments across SHS.

“It’s just part of my history,” Greg said. “I grew up in public housing. I’ve been in their shoes and I want to help out.”

Would you like to help SHS support those in need? Consider a donation to SHS to help feed the homeless. See our donation page for ways to give online, via mail or with in-kind contributions.

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