Renovations Continue To Make Swope Health Services Better for You

Debbie Meads

Debbie Meads, SHS Program Manager, checks details on blueprints for the renovations at SHS Central.

Did you notice? Last year was a time of many changes at Swope Health Services, including refreshing many clinic lobbies with paint, flooring and new seating.

And the dust hasn’t quite settled yet! The renovations and changes are part of a two-year plan, launched in 2016, as part of a $1.26 million grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration.

Debbie Meads, Program Manager at SHS, keeps close tabs on all the moving pieces. At any given time, she’s shifting one department, demolishing another, while renovating elsewhere. She juggles the departments to keep services intact throughout the construction to improve our facilities and capabilities.

Part of the effort involves creative use of limited space, she said. For example, SHS has adopted the practice of using open seating, which allows staff members to use any available workspace. Staff members have private lockers for storing personal items, but are free to use office space or open suites for meetings with patients or colleagues.

Shared space opens up possibilities for more clinic exam rooms and more patient services, she noted. Providers also get new breakrooms and lounges in certain areas.

The most significant changes will be in the OB/Gyn and Pediatrics area, to support patient needs. The SHS Central OB/Gyn department will increase to 25 treatment rooms, from 10 today, she said. Pediatrics will grow to 13 rooms from 11 today. These changes will be complete in 2017.

construction sign -swopeHere’s a summary of the main changes at SHS Central:

  • Outreach, Infection Control, Health Care Home, and the new Smoking Cessation program offices moved to newly renovated offices in Building C and on the second floor.
  • Blue Clinic medical staff will move from their west side offices to newly renovated space on the east side of the clinic.
  • Adult Health Services, formerly identified as Yellow and Green clinics, will be merged into space that’s next up for renovation. The renovation and moves are scheduled to be complete in March.
  • Once that’s complete, the former Green clinic space will be modified into the new OB/Gyn expansion.
  • The renovations also converted a former staff conference and training room into a new Specialty Clinic.

It’s all part of the plan to keep SHS growing to meet your needs.

Watch for new signs and additional changes coming to SHS Central. Despite the changes, we’re open for service as usual. Call 816-923-5800 to schedule your visit.

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