Expanded Pharmacy and Drive-Through Service Now Open!

Swope Health Central has completed a major redesign of its Pharmacy facility, including a new drive-through lane for fast and easy prescription services.

The new space is now located on the west side of the main lobby at Swope Health Central. It’s bright and open, and at twice the size of the previous space, easy to find.

The drive-through lane allows clients to drop off a prescription and return for pick-up 30 minutes later. The service is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“It’s all for patient convenience,” said Michael Hattaway, Chief Pharmacist. “You don’t have to get out of your car and come inside, and that can be especially helpful if you have kids with you or if you’re not feeling well.”

The drive-through lane was designed during the COVID-19 pandemic and envisioned as a way to provide quality care while minimizing direct contact. The drive-through lane is for vehicles only, and for safety reasons, it is not available for walk-up service.

Making Care Visible

In addition to the drive-up service, the new pharmacy now has a bank of windows and a large open layout.

“Now our pharmacists are visible, not hidden away behind a wall, and we have space to offer a variety of over-the-counter products too,” Hattaway said.

Products include first aid supplies, vitamins, treatments for cough, cold, allergies and minor stomach upset. All are from the Swope Health pharmacy wholesaler, which keeps their prices competitive. “It’s very cost effective for our patients,” Hattaway added.

New Delivery Service Pilot

More service changes are planned, too. The Pharmacy is currently trialing a prescription delivery service to the 64130 ZIP code. The service provides afternoon deliveries daily Monday through Friday for pre-paid prescriptions. If you live the in the 64130 ZIP code and would like to try the service, ask the pharmacy for details.

In addition, the pharmacy also will add a consultation space later in the year. This will be a private room to allow pharmacists to meet with patients to demonstrate use of medical devices or answer questions about medications.

Pharmacists are always available for patients, Hattaway said, noting the new design encourages more engagement.

“Interaction is much better now,” he said. “All three of our pharmacists are available and accessible. We love talking with all of our patients and helping them understand their prescriptions.”

Swope Health invites you to visit the new pharmacy and drive-through and let us know what you think.

“There’s been a lot of excitement about the new drive-through and we have heard quite a few people comment on how nice the new space looks,” he said.  “We’re also open to your suggestions of other ways we can add services or products.”

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