Patient Entrance at Building A is Now Open


Starting Monday, Jan. 11, 2021, Patients will see a renovated main entrance at Swope Health Central, 3801 Blue Parkway.

For the past several weeks, Patients have been guided to use the C Building, while the A Building entrance was renovated. The vestibule renovation is now complete and the main entrance re-opens starting Monday.

Patient parking is available in the A, B and C lots.

Swope Health Associates will be at the renovated entrance to greet Patients and provide standard COVID-19 screening for all who enter. All Patients, vendors and non-staff enter only through the newly removed A Building entrance. Everyone visiting Swope Health must wear a mask and practice safe physical distancing. Patients arriving with COVID-19 symptoms or suspected exposure will be directed to the COVID-19 entrance.

The renovation at Building A now contains separate entrance and exit areas. The renovated vestibule helps provide improved climate control. The lobby is still a work in progress.

New Pharmacy, with Drive-through Service Coming

Also starting Monday, Jan. 11, Patients will find the Pharmacy has moved to the northwestern corner of the first floor. As you come in the new entrance, you’ll be facing the newly renovated Pharmacy.

The new Pharmacy features a private consultation space for discussions with the pharmacy associates about your medications. Construction is still underway for the new Pharmacy drive-through lane.

Over the next several months, we will complete the renovation of the lobby and will move the Swope Health Optical Shop and Optometry Clinic to the former Pharmacy space.

The entire lobby and Optical center renovation is scheduled to be completed by mid-year.

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