New SHS Specialty Clinic Coming This Spring!

Tyesha and Siera

Tyesha Smith, M.A., left, and Siera Williamson, M.A., in the reception area at the new SHS Specialty Clinic.

Swope Health Services will open a new Specialty Clinic this spring to provide patients with easier access to specialists in diseases of the heart and digestive system.

The Specialty Clinic is at SHS Central. SHS providers will refer patients to the clinic for diagnosis and care of their special needs. The clinic will be staffed with specialists under contract with SHS.

“This is a way for us to remove barriers for our patients,” said Dr. Kenneth Thomas, SHS Chief Medical Officer and a pediatrician. “Our patients need these services but many face socio-economic or psychological barriers. We’re working to eliminate barriers.”

Dr. Thomas noted many patients lack options for specialty care. The new clinic gives SHS a way to help these patients with easier access to specialists, with a goal of improving health outcomes.

The Specialty Clinic is located in newly renovated space on the first floor of SHS Central, just to the right of the main lobby. The clinic is equipped with three exam rooms, a lobby and reception area and a provider office.

Dr. Thomas envisions the clinic as the first step in expanding SHS’s scope of care. He noted the clinic could ultimately house echocardiogram and other medical devices for specialty testing and diagnoses. In the future, the clinic may also provide space for special events or targeted patient outreach such as HIV testing, immunizations or back-to-school checkups.

If you have chronic heart disease or digestive issues, this is a good time to come in for a check-up and possible referral to the specialists. Call 816-923-5800 to schedule an appointment.

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