Location: Swope Health KidsCARE – Golon Pediatrics

Patients should know…

Dr. Lori Ann Golon operated the Golon Pediatric Clinic in Leavenworth, Kansas, for more than 23 years. In July 2023, Dr. Golon and her practice joined Swope Health, marking Swope Health’s first expansion into Leavenworth County.

As a physician and as a person, Dr. Golon is highly regarded. She and her clinic staff provide high quality, cost-effective medical care to their pediatric patients.


Medical degree from the University of Kansas, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She also holds a Nursing diploma from Barnes School of Nursing.


Joined Swope Health in July 2023. Worked in children’s healthcare in the Leavenworth-Lansing region for more than 20 years with Golon Pediatrics.