“Just awesome” – One Mom’s Review of Telehealth

Telehealth visits can take place from your smartphone, computer or tablet, as voice calls or video calls.

One Kansas City mom, who asked to remain anonymous, recently shared her joy at finding a safe, easy way to make sure her two kids, age 5 and 8, kept up with their well-child examinations:

“As parents, we are always so worried for our children. We want them to be healthy. It was about time for us to visit with their doctor, but I wasn’t sure what we were going to do, what with the pandemic. We were worried about coming in but I didn’t want to miss their time, either.

“You know, it’s hard. I’m an essential worker and I had to take time off to take care of the kids because we didn’t have daycare in place. But now I’m getting ready to go back to work and I needed find out what I could do.

“So I called in to see if there were any options. I was so happy to hear there was already something in place to take care of them.”

The solution for this mom was a telehealth visit, for both of her children. She continues:

“I was able to schedule on the same day. I had to cancel the appointment and reschedule, and even that was easy.

“We had a video call and it was so easy! I was able to see and talk with the doctor and she could see the kids. (They’re OK, thank God.)

“She was so very supportive and professional. I was just so happy.”

Telehealth Visit with Brianna Hoisington

Brianna Hoisington

Brianna Hoisington, Nurse Practitioner in Pediatrics, at Swope Health Central

This family’s visit was with Brianna Hoisington, Nurse Practitioner in Pediatrics, at Swope Health Central.

“Telehealth has been a blessing during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.  “Everyone is feeling uneasy and scared, so being able to supply our patients with access to us from the safety and comfort in their own home has been wonderful for all involved. We are able to video with our patients, which gives them that feeling of connection and knowing we care.”

She continued: “I love having the opportunity to check in on my patients, provide them with any of their care needs and, honestly, give them that feeling of being seen, noticed, and heard during this time where things can feel lonely and isolating.

“Seeing our kiddos from pediatrics thriving even during this isolation, assuring their parents they are doing a great  job, and getting them any medications and care a child might require is available immediately through telehealth and is a light for all during this time,” Brianna said.

Swope Health has offered telehealth services for some time, especially in Behavioral Health services, but the COVID-19 emergency actually helped speed up the acceptance of telehealth, said Dr. Jennifer Frost, interim chief medical officer.

“This is an important way for patients and providers to stay in touch, while respecting stay-at-home rules and avoiding unnecessary contact to prevent the spread of the disease,” she said. She noted the phone and video calls will not work for all patients – some will still have to be seen in person. But for many well-person exams, follow-up appointments, medication questions or counseling visits, the telehealth service works well.


Schedule a convenient telehealth visit to talk with your provider from your home.
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As the KC mom will happily testify:

“It’s so important that parents know you’re doing this. I have a friend ta work who’s also worried about her health, and I’m going to tell her how she can take care of her appointment this way. It’s just awesome what you are doing.

“You’re helping me take care of my family.”

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