Simple and Healthy: A New Thanksgiving Tradition

The holidays are just around the corner and, for many of us, it’s a season that tempts us with special treats – cookies, egg nog, pies, candy canes! It doesn’t have to be a season that brings weight gain, however, if you start with a plan.

Priscilla Perez Schmid, Swope Health’s Clinical Registered Dietitian, suggests setting a realistic health goal and making a plan. While there is predictability to holidays, like a favorite food tradition, you can also make your holiday look different each year. You can choose to make your traditions healthier.

Here’s an example of a recipe that’s delicious and healthy, just waiting to be part of a new guilt-free holiday tradition: Our Thanksgiving Salad. (You can download and print the recipe, if you want.)

“If you can visualize a goal, you can take steps to rearrange your life events to get closer to the outcome you want,” noted Priscilla. “This can help you celebrate the holiday and the effort you put into your goal.”

If your goal is to better manage your weight or your diabetes, you’re invited to contact Priscilla at or by calling 816-599-5841. She can help you assess your lifestyle and understand how you can eat healthier.

It’s a perfect time to start planning for a healthier you!

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