Good news for kids! COVID-19 vaccinations now available for Swope Health patients

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month authorized the use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children age 5 to 11. And more recently, the CDC recommended booster vaccinations for 16- and 17-year-olds.

Swope Health is now offering the vaccine for kids, with parent approval, at Swope Health Central and Swope Health Wyandotte, by appointment.

Please call 816-923-5800 for an appointment at Swope Health Central or 816-599-5111 for an appointment at Swope Health Wyandotte.

The vaccination is free and available to Swope Health established patients.

“Vaccination is our best tool to stop the pandemic,” said Dr. Jennifer Frost, interim chief medical officer at Swope Health. “This is a critically important step to help protect children and family members.”

About the vaccine: The Pfizer vaccine for children has the same ingredients as the Pfizer vaccine already approved for individuals age 12 and up, although the dose is reduced. Children will receive two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, just like adults.

As with adults, there may be minor side-effects – the injection site may appear red, slightly swollen or painful. Some people experience tiredness, muscle aches, headaches, or fever for a short time after the vaccination. The side effects usually go away within a day or two.

What to expect: Swope Health patients visiting for regular well-child or other appointments will be offered the COVID-19 vaccination and the flu vaccination during the visit.

Patients who request a visit for COVID-19 vaccination ONLY can be scheduled to receive it in the pediatric clinic at Swope Health Central or at Swope Health Wyandotte.

Reminder: After an individual is vaccinated, they must remain in the clinic for a 15-minute observation period.

Please call today to schedule your child’s vaccination: 816-923-5800 at Swope Health Central or 816-599-5111 at Swope Health Wyandotte.

Not an established Swope Health patient?

If you are not interested in becoming a Swope Health patient, visit to schedule a vaccine appointment near you.

If you are interested in your family members becoming Swope Health Patients, families can schedule an appointment for a child’s vaccination, which will include a brief medical evaluation to establish care.

Patients will be subject to standard billing and financial responsibilities for all services other than the free COVID-19 vaccination. Insurance will be billed and patients are invited to sign up for our sliding fee financial assistance program.


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