Checking Into Imani House!

Post written by Swope Health Services

Do you know someone who struggles with substance abuse? If so, encourage them to check out Imani House.

Imani House, located at 3950 E. 51st St., Kansas City, is Swope Health Services’ outpatient treatment venue. Here, we offer an array of services to those dealing with issues stemming from alcohol or drug abuse. The program provides services to more than 500 people each year.

The facility is named from a Swahili word for “faith.”


Adrienne Powell

“It’s where we start,” says Adrienne Powell, Program Director at Imani House. “We have faith in you. We have faith in each other. We are like a family and we look out for each other. At the end of the day, we have faith that you can make it.”

Experienced counselors provide treatment and access to services such as group and individual counseling and life skills programs. Imani House counselors and case managers can connect clients with resources to assist with transportation, housing, utilities, job searches, literacy and much more.

Imani House also operates a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (or SATOP), which is required by Missouri law for driver’s license reinstatement after a drug-or alcohol-related traffic offense.

All services begin with a comprehensive assessment. Imani House counselors provide custom support based on the needs of each individual, understanding each person’s social support and physical health.

Counselors and behavioral health physicians teach new coping skills, like how to deal with an emotionally charged situation, and help clients develop new capabilities like budgeting or computer use.

To learn more, download the Imani House brochure or contact Imani House directly at 816-599-5858.

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