Joy on Wheels: Bicycles Are Everywhere in Kansas City!

Have you noticed more bicycles on the streets lately?

Part of it might be from the new Kansas City B-Cycle bike rentals that are springing up around town in the Jazz District, Midtown, Downtown.

bicyclesIt might be a result of new biking lanes and trails, a program called Bike KC sponsored by Kansas City Public Works. Organizations like Bike Walk KC and Kansas City Metro Bicycle Club are promoting group rides and events, as well as safety training for all ages.

Big events, like the Tour de France and local fund-raising rides and triathlon contests, have contributed to an uptick in cycling’s popularity.

It’s all about the sense of joy and freedom that comes with riding a bicycle.

While riding is a great form of exercise and a fun and green way to get around, it comes with some responsibility at every age:

Tips for Bike Safety

  1. Make sure your bike is road ready — safe, tires correctly inflated, brakes in good order.
  2. Wear a helmet. No helmet, no riding.
  3. Follow traffic rules — ride with the traffic, use hand signals, obey all traffic signs and signals.
  4. Pay attention! Yield to cars.
  5. Wear bright clothes — make it easy for drivers to see you. What a great excuse to wear the cool neon colors!

Here are a few references with information about how to get your bike ready, how to make sure your helmet fits correctly, and traffic tips.

If you don’t have a bicycle and would like one, check out The Bike Shop by Revolve KC. This not-for-profit organization provides free online bike safety training, refurbishes old bikes, and helps everyone get a bicycle. They’re a great resource for answering questions about bikes and biking.

OK! Kickstand up — time to ride! We hope to see you out, and hope you’ll help share these tips to make sure all cyclists are safe.

Questions or comments are always welcome! Use the comment box below, come visit us or call 816-923-5800 to make an appointment.

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