Be a “Roll Model”: Bike Safety Saves Lives

national-bike-month-bicycle-logoMay is National Bike Safety Month – a good time to review ways you can take precautions to avoid injuries and accidents while cycling.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 818 bicyclists died and more than 45,000 were injured in bicycle-automobile accidents in 2015, with deaths rising 12 percent from 2014 numbers.

It’s not surprising that car and bicycle collisions are the most frequent source of injuries to cyclists, responsible for nearly one-third of all bicycling injuries.

This year’s awareness programs encourage bicycle riders and drivers to serve as “Roll Models” for safety. Here’s what it means to be a “Roll Model:”

  • Ride and Drive Focused — Never ride or drive distracted.
  • Ride and Drive Prepared — Always expect the unexpected.
  • Safety First — Always wear a bicycle helmet when on a bicycle and a seatbelt when in a vehicle.
  • Know the Rules of the Road — A bicyclist is considered a vehicle on the road with all the rights and responsibilities of motorized traffic.
  • Share the Road — Motorists and bicyclists should look out for each other and show mutual respect.

roll modelHere are a few references with more information:

If you don’t have a bicycle and would like one, check out The Bike Shop by Revolve KC. This not-for-profit organization provides free online bike safety training, refurbishes old bikes, and helps everyone get a bicycle. They’re a great resource for answering questions about bikes and biking.

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