A Dialog on the Safety of Vaccines

By Kenneth Thomas, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Pediatrician

I received some critical feedback from someone on my recent blogs on immunization addressing myths vs truths, frequently asked questions, and  schedules. I appreciate the time this reader took to write, and I want to share both the comment and my response with you.

First the comment:

This is a disappointing example of how “experts” in medicine will say a lot while saying nothing at all. You promised to address parents’ objections to vaccines, yet really provided nothing in particular to assuage those concerns parents might have after witnessing friends or family members deal with the reality of a vaccine-damaged child. What would you say to the request of a parent for any long term studies to support the efficacy or safety of any vaccine combinations administered to infants and up today? The sad reality is that there really are not any studies done like this while the vaccine inserts themselves list the many reasons parents would be objectionable to their infant being injected with vaccines.

The documentary VaXXed chronicles the CDC’s own use of fraud and abuse of its power to perpetuate the idea that vaccines do not cause autism, when in its own MMR study it dramatically increased the rates of autism in African-American patients.

I would ask Dr. Thomas to take the time to read the vaccine inserts before imposing on others the idea that vaccines are safe, they simply are not safe for everyone. They never have been proven, in today’s schedule, to be safe or effective in preventing the illnesses they are purported to prevent.

When 1 in every 2 children is overweight, obese or struggles from some sort of learning disability I would say that everything being done in the name of keeping our children healthy is on the table for reconsideration and vaccines, because of all the toxic and foreign ingredients from heavy metals to adjuvants to foreign DNA, are a primary choice for elimination until proven, by sound science and not political theater, to be absolutely safe and effective.

immunizations (1)I’ll address each point:

If a parent asked me for long-term studies to support the safety or efficacy of vaccine combinations, I’d offer this website: http://www.immunize.org/journalarticles/conc_multi.asp.

It contains a list of long-term studies, specifically addressing multiple injections. This site is produced by the Immunization Action Coalition and provides solid scientific reference materials for parents and physicians.

One of the most compelling research studies (an analysis of 96,000 children) was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study specifically debunks any link between vaccines and autism.

You are correct about vaccine inserts containing information that many parents might find scary or objectionable. There’s a law (the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act) that specifies that all vaccines have Vaccine Information Statements that detail possible side effects and risks. All FDA-approved medicines are required to inform users of possible negative outcomes from taking the medication.

I am quite familiar with the Vaccine Information Statements and regularly give them to my patients.

While I have not seen the film “VaXXed,” I know it is a work of propaganda, not journalism or unbiased reporting. (For example, even the IMDb movie site labels the film a “fantasy, thriller,” not a documentary.) It represents the point of view of the director, who is the same author who initially instigated the now-debunked concept linking vaccines and autism and lost his medical license as a result of ethical violations and deliberately manipulating data – in other words, committing fraud in his research.

I stand by my position and I stand with the scientific data that demonstrates the efficacy, safety and benefits of childhood vaccinations. I stand with a majority of physicians, scientists and researchers united in support of the positive health benefits of vaccinations.

I also stand with you and share your concerns for keeping our children healthy, including addressing the factors that cause obesity and learning disorders. I’ll take that on in a follow-up post.

Meanwhile, thank you for your concerns. I look forward to continued engagement and working together to keep our children healthy.

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