New Improvements at Swope Health Facilities

You may have noticed a range of construction and development activity around the Swope Health Central Facility lately.

Here is a rundown of what is happening:

  • First floor, C building: We have added two new showers and a laundry facility that are available for our patients who are experiencing homelessness. The showers and laundry are accessible only by keycard, meaning Swope Health associates schedule and coordinate access to the services. The showers include storage cabinets for single-use toiletries and supplies, as well as a pull cord for patient safety in case of emergency. The washer and dryer use are free and available during regular facility hours. Patients will be able to sign up for regular access to these private, convenient and comfortable facilities.
  • First floor, A building: We have newly renovated public men and women’s restrooms with new flooring, walls, lighting, sinks and stalls, as well as hands-free soap, water and towels and faucets. New baby-changing stations are provided in men’s and women’s restrooms. We have also renovated the public restrooms on the first floor of B building. Renovations to second floor restrooms are scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.
  • Behavioral Health offices on the second floor of B building have undergone a massive transformation. A row of five offices was converted into 10 offices, allowing the department to provide more services for patients. Additionally, 30 offices were reconfigured for safety with changes to their furniture layout, added panic buttons and door windows.
  • At the Kanzetta Harris House and Curtis Franklin Lodge, Swope Health residential facilities, two restrooms and shower rooms were renovated in each home. The upgrades included new ceramic tile floors and walls, fixtures, sinks, lighting and doors. In each home, one of the restrooms was renovated for ADA wheelchair compliance.

Swope Health - 2020 Facility Improvements Swope Health - 2020 Facility Improvements

The importance of these improvements.

“This investment in renovations and upgrades focuses on better serving our patients and clients,” said Debbie Meads, Project Manager for Swope Health. “For example, the Behavioral Health offices support an improved workflow to promote greater efficiency and serve more clients.”

The new showers and restrooms are designed for privacy and safety, and include a reserve of personal-size toiletries like soap and shampoo (many donated from organizations like the Plaza Rotary Club).

Swope Health - 2020 Facility Improvements“We want your experience here to be pleasant, safe and comfortable,” she said. “We’re paying attention to even itty-bitty details, like making sure there’s a hook near the changing stations for easy access to hang a diaper bag.”

The upgrades also represent the Swope Health commitment to quality healthcare for all.

“We know that being without stable housing or experiencing homelessness makes a person more susceptible to illness,” said Josette Mitchell, Deputy Director of Behavioral Health.  “By offering shower and laundry facilities for individuals experiencing homelessness, we are providing some support in meeting their basic needs, which in turn could help improve their health outcomes.”

In the renovated women’s public restroom on the first floor in Building A, the baby-changing station was positioned for easy access to the sinks and paper towels.

Public restrooms include spacious stalls with handrails, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The laundry facility includes a washer, dryer and large sink, conveniently located near the shower. The area is available for use by clients who are experiencing homelessness.

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